Exchange Information Store Recovery of Corrupt Mailboxes

Microsoft Exchange information stores are vital components for storing multiple user mailboxes data into priv.edb files. Any corruption instance can lead to inaccessible user mailboxes at front-end.

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Information store may crash due to following reasons:

  1. Missing or corrupted transaction log files
  2. Exceeded mailbox store size limits
  3. Conflicts with Antivirus or any 3rd party Software
  4. Running inappropriate data retrieval procedures

These critical instances demands to recover Exchange information store for Exchange 2010, 2003 and 2007 edition. Repair mailbox corruption using a good quality application which can easily extract data from priv.edb file.

Why Exchange Information Store Recovery Tool is Needed for 2010, 2007 & 2003?

Recovery is required for the obvious reasons i.e. to provide emails access to Exchange users. If Information stores stops working then users cannot open, read or access their mailboxes. These may lead to a massive destruction for any enterprise. At this severe stage, recover Exchange 2003 information store as well as Exchange 2007 & 2010 editions into Outlook PST files by system-compatible utility for accessing corrupted emails.

Originally priv.edb file saves information store data. Therefore, any issues in priv.edb files will cause emails corruption, data loss or unstructured folders. The substantial information loss will automatically affect the entire work-cycle.
Therefore, in order to start-up the work-flow over again in more efficient way, the exchange information store recovery is indeed required.

Follow the Best Method to Recover Information Store (Priv.EDB Files):

You may encounter abundant of priv.edb recovery procedures, where it is hard to determine which method is most applicable. From years of practical experience it is considered that tools to extract data from priv.edb files to PST are best. There are two choices for priv.edb recovery as given following:

  • Manual Inbuilt Procedure: Exchange 2010, 2003 and exchange 2007 information store recovery can be carried out by restoring database from backup and replay the transaction log files. This technique is dependent on multiple factors to accomplish successfully.
    (Dependency: Exchange server must be live, Log files should not be corrupted or missing and all internal services must run properly)
  • Run Automated Tools: Automated most promising solution is given by utility to repair and extract data from priv.edb file to PST file when server is crashed. Users must download and run such server-compatible application for complete exchange information store recovery.

Additional Benefits of Using Application:

  1. The tool to extract data from priv.edb file is embedded with high-class functions.
  2. Provide high resilience to search, scan, repair and convert priv.edb files.
  3. The utility removes dependencies and extracts data from crashes, dead and temporary shutdown server
  4. Repair Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003 mailbox corruption.
  5. No need to run log files as tool directly extracts data from offline, unmounted and disconnected information database

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