Perfect Exchange Server Recovery to Overcome Failure!

"The topic focus over the common issues associated with Exchange Server. Which tools can troubleshoot all complexities & yield appropriate results to recover an Exchange server?"

Introduction: Exchange server is always surrounded by severe internal and external complications. Internal difficulties can be: jet errors, dirty shutdown state, DB mount failure, virus attacks, internal services updates, deleted mails, file size problems etc. External issues can be: HDD failure, boot problems, malfunctions of controllers and other human errors that corrupt public folders and mailboxes.  

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Take Exchange Server Recovery Tool to Easily Overcome Following issues:

Recover the server back to functional state to access entire data enclosed inside including emails, journals, contacts, calendars or tasks. Deploy the application for Exchange 2007, 2003 or Exchange server 2010 recovery after crashes and failure.

  1. Exchange Server in Inconsistent Mode:
    Solve troubles while server stored database, log files, internal services or other components are missing and works inappropriately.
  2. Moving from Old Machine to New:
    Export database completely from old or crashed server to newly updated system.
  3. Hard Disk Corrupted:
    Perfectly works in case while HDD is crashed, overloaded, corrupted or small sized as the tool can extract entire data from it. (Tool is applicable when users have .edb file from crashed drive)
  4. Log Files Corrupted or Missing:
    Without log file, .stm file or chk files, a complete Exchange 2010, 2003 and Exchange sever 2007 recovery is executed. As well as recover exchange server when the log file is corrupted or deleted.
  5. Use of Incorrect Procedure:
    Overcome execution of incorrect or ill-sequenced Powershell commands to move exchange 2007 mailbox to 2010 cross forest that leads to database inconsistencies and several other issues.
  6. Handel Issues during Coexistence:
    Exchange Server EDB repair tool can overcome from the failure with coexistence; rather it directly exports entire server data in one shot after damage recovery.
  7. Exchange Internal Services Failure:
    Capably triumph-over problems when database fails to mount, server crashes, overloaded, dirty shutdown or closing of system-dependent services.

What Extra Functions of Exchange Server Recovery Software:

  • Extract Single or Multiple Mailboxes from server
  • Recover Exchange server 2003, 2007 or 2010 from crashed, unmounted or offline server
  • Windows-based software i.e. highly system compatible also provides GUI mode the restore entire data
  • Exchange server 2010 email recovery tool can save internal folder structure & positions and retain emails header info (to, bcc, from, cc, attachments, date).

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