Move Mailbox from Exchange 2003 to 2013 for All Conditions

The topic discloses about utmost right method to move all Exchange 2003 user mailboxes into 2013 server using PST files. Without undergoing any transition & co-existence period or facing any technical hitch, now flawlessly conduct migrations.

As said by experts, 2003 server cannot be directly into 2013 server due to vast platform & functional changes. Therefore, an appropriate process should be followed to overcome all issues faced by users.

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The Exchange 2003 to 2013 Migration Tool works in below sequence:

  1. Extract all mailboxes from unmounted EDB (in correct format & folder structure)
  2. Repair Corrupted items (including emails, calendars, contacts, notes etc)
  3. Export all desired mailboxes to PSTs (without 2003 server)
  4. Import "Exported PST's Data" into 2013 (via New-MailboxImportRequest)

Right now, download software to completely move exchange 2003 to exchange 2013 when server is unavailable or removed. Experience the recommended way for migrating 2003 mailboxes by excluding all errors or exceptions!

Tool Deals All Issues & Easily Move Exchange 2003 Mailbox to Exchange 2013

Following enlisted issues are usually faced by users while shifting the 2003 server into newer 2013 server edition. But entire technical dilemma can be completely handled by the software ( which creates Exported PSTs for 2003 mailboxes ) to yield accurate error-free migration.

  1. Move Cross-Forest in New Domain:
    Easily move into another forest or organization within same domain or in new domain. Irrespective of New Hardware devices or New Production environment migrate all mailboxes from 2003 into 2013 server.
  2. No Need for Co-existence:
    As 2003 does not support co-existence with 2013 server, "2003 Exported PSTs" provides another good method to export use data.
  3. Transition with 2010 Not Required
    Leave the old method to move mailboxes from exchange 2003 to exchange 2013 via conducting transition with 2010 server. By PST file export import the transition period is eliminated and migration is done speedily.
  4. Migration from Uninstalled Server:
    Without running the 2003 server, it is practically possible to move all user data. Export entire content into PST files even when server is dismounted or permanently uninstalled.
  5. Move Corrupted Mailboxes:
    Repair corrupted messages and recover lost information in right format. Move Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2003 server even highly damaged emails, calendars groups, contact groups, journals, notes, lists etc from public & private folders.
  6. Without Network Errors or Inbuilt Exceptions:
    Handle all system defined errors, overcome network connectivity issues & different IP issues etc. Eliminate the requirement for configuring AD's or other system defied services.
  7. Export Data from Public & Private Folders:
    It's a direct approach for migrating data from Public folders i.e. stored in Pub.EDB files as well as export data from priv.edb files altogether. Thus, directly move exchange 2003 mailbox to exchange 2013 along with personal and shared data components.

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