Move Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013 via A New Technique

The topic introduces a professional & effective way-out to move mailboxes from Exchange 2010 to 2013 in new domain, cross forest without Co-existence.

After launch of 2013 server, IT-Organizations are migrating their 2010 mailboxes onto latest editions to leverage additional benefits. While moving across different server environments, Exchange server always generates network/system errors, unexpected failures, AD & CAS issues etc.

EDB To PST Converter presents a direct & highly-efficient approach to export all mailboxes without co-existence, installing SP3 or other transition related issues.

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Application Solves Issues & Facilitates Benefits for Easily Migrating 2010 to 2013

The software exports all mailboxes into individual PST files, these PST files are termed as Exported PSTs that are ready to import on any location.

  1. Move into New Separate Domains at Different Location:
    Irrespective of location, easily export mailboxes into new domain within same server or in another location.
  2. Move Cross-forest:
    Move Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013 cross-forest in same location or on different location with the help of Exported PST files.
  3. Shift All Mailboxes at Once:
    Easily transfer (single or multiple) selected user mailboxes. Either include all mailboxes (1000 approx) or select only desired ones for migration.
  4. Without Coexistence & Transition:
    Skip coexistence phase or avoid transitions to 2013 server rather directly move exchange 2010 to 2013 mailboxes cross-forests via PSTs. Thus, coexistence related errors and efforts to pre-configure server environments is are eliminated.
  5. Migrate from SP3, SP2 & SP1 without Any Pre-Configurations:
    Remove dependency from 2010 SP3 and capably shift mails from SP2, SP3 & SP1 (even in absence of Edge Transport Servers). No need downloading CU1 on 2013 server as well.
  6. Overcome Dirty Shutdown or Crashes during Migration:
    Don't worry if server is crashed or unexpected dirty shutdown during the migration and EDB files are unmounted from server. As now, it's possible migrate mailboxes with the help of PSTs.
  7. Get-rid-of All Errors:
    Move exchange 2010 database to exchange 2013 by remove all SSL related problems, CAS (client access server) issues, Active Sync issues, net.tcp error and many others.

Convert 2010 mailboxdatabase.edb to pst files >> then Import pst into 2013

Download software to repair database corruption, extract offline database from crashed server & export unmounted edb into individual pst files.

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