Move Mailbox from Exchange 2007 to 2013 – A Direct Approach

Read about another way to move exchange 2007 mailboxes into 2013 server cross forest or in different location without facing platform incompatibility issues.

Recent studies explains that users are experiencing issues while moving Exchange 2007 server mailboxes into 2013 server. The changes in internal production environment triggers unpredictable errors messages including: legacy namespace required, mailbox migration failed cross forest, organization is missing etc.

The recommended time-saver procedure to overcome all mailbox issues is export all 2007 mailboxes into PST files and import PSTs into 2013 server.

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See How, Exchange 2013 Migration Tools are Effective in Following Areas?

  1. Eliminate Mailbox GUID Issues:
    Move mailbox from exchange 2007 to 2013 without facing Legacy Namespace issues as all mailboxes are transferred via PST files. None of internal services, crop-up GUID mismatch errors while opening 2007 UM into 2013.
  2. Avoid System-Attendant Mailbox Error:
    By excluding system-attendant error a successfully migration is done as there is no dependency over live server internal or external environment. (Due to architectural changes in 2013 server, system-attended mailbox error comes up.)
  3. No Need to Undergo Coexistence Period:
    No further requirement to carry out coexistence between different server edition as a direct pathway can be put-into use.
  4. Move Cross Forest or in Different Location:
    Cross forest mailbox move from exchange 2007 to 2013 proficiently as well as get flexibility to export 2007 account data into any another location.
  5. Resolve “Organization Unit” Associated Issue:
    Remove the dependency over Organization Units and move emails, notes, contacts-groups, calendars-schedules etc across any Organization Unit. So, it doesn’t matter if Organization Unit is Missing or Invalid.

Technical Reasons for Moving Exchange 2007 Mailbox to 2013 Server:

  • Technological Uplift in Work-station: On seeing the efficient work-architecture of latest server editions, users may want to leverage benefits from latest 2013 server.
  • Upgrade Server Editions: Those who are working on 5.5, 2003 or other older edition may require to change the older server with latest edition.

Conclusion: Run the application to stay away from all inbuilt procedures and their errors. Rather time-efficiently move mailbox from exchange 2007 to 2013 without facing any technical complications or unpredictable errors.

Download EDB To PST Converter software i.e. best among all exchange 2013 migration tools to extract mailboxes in batch then save into individual PST files. It effectively works even when 2007 server is crashed out, dirty shutdown, unavailable, edb files are unable to mount and database is corrupted.

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