Convert Exchange Information Store to PST via Best Method!!

MS Exchange Information Store holds business-crucial mailboxes and provides 24x7 access to users. Information stores save its data into Priv.edb files. However sometimes, it is necessary to convert priv.edb to PST in order to regulate work-flow when Exchange server stops functioning.

Why do we Need to Extract PST from Information Store?

  1. Shrink EDB File Size: When information store size exceeds its pre-defined limits, then necessarily export mailboxes into PST file.
  2. Information Store Corruption: To open, read and access emails from Exchange mailboxes, users need to export mailboxes to Outlook PST.
  3. Import PST into Exchange Edition: PST can be is imported in all Exchange editions therefore admin convert information store to PST for all rounder compatibility.
  4. Backup & Archiving: For special purpose of archiving, move unused mailbox data is move to PST file.

(Download to open mailboxes from Exchange server and save into Outlook PST format (read all features). Extract data from Offline, Dismounted and Disconnected Priv.EDB and Save to PST using Software.)

How to Convert Exchange Information Store to PST, Manually or by Software?

Seeing all possible practical solutions there are two generic methods to accomplish the entire work. Based on the Exchange server current conditions make the final decision about which method to go with.

Condition 1: Exchange Server is Online & Database Not Corrupted - Use Manual Method
While server is live then use suitable Powershell Commands or Exmerge to export mailboxes to Outlook PST file. Use following scripts to convert information store to PST:

  1. Exchange 2010: New-MailboxExportRequest
  2. Exchange 2007: Export-Mailbox
  3. Exchange 2003: User ExMerge (Import and Export Function)

(Note: these inbuilt recover procedures fails to work when server or priv.edb file is unavailable)

Condition 2: Exchange Server Crashed, Database Corrupted and Dismounted - Use EDB to PST Software

Based on this statistic, none of the inbuilt Powershell scripts or ExMerge facility will work. Here, deploy the high-class EDB Converter tool to Extract PST from information store when Priv.edb files are offline, disconnected, unmounted and corrupted. It saves tons of email messages, journals, contacts group, tasks and calendar entries.

The abovementioned software to extract Exchange information store to PST works in catastrophic situations where Exchange server is crashed and other 3rd party services fails to work.